Saturday's Calaveras Clockwise ride -- CANCELED By Donna Luporini Kaplan ·
Saturday's Calaveras Clockwise ride By Donna Luporini Kaplan ·
Thursday Morning Coffee Ride By Lori Sommer ·
Mid-Week Morning Ride 12/4/19 Canceled By Al Quintana ·
MMRR is cancelled By Robert Tashjian ·
MMRR time change for Dec 2 By Robert Tashjian ·
Cancelled-Saturday ride to Huddart Park By mbrasseur00 ·
Saturday ride to Huddart Park by way of Canada Rd and Olive Hill By mbrasseur00 ·
Mid-Week Morning Ride 11/27/19 Canceled By Al Quintana ·
MMRR- November 25 By Donna Luporini Kaplan ·
December Ride Calendar By Barry ·
Calaveras CCW and Alternative By Jan Leimert ·
Sat Brisk Show and Go Suggestion By Tim OHara ·
Thank you By Lori Sommer ·
Thursday Morning Coffee Ride By Lori Sommer ·
Tuesday, 11/19/19 Change of Start Location Tour de Hills Moderate By Amy ·
Tracy Overnighter Adventure By Ken Goldman ·
Portola Loop CW ride - M Pace - Sat 11/16/19 By mbrasseur00 ·
Route - Thursday Morning Coffee Ride By Lori Sommer ·
Have a Breakfast Before Your Ride By Ken Goldman ·
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