Shorter distance option for Monday's T-pace Donut Ride Around the Bay CCW

Debbie Frederick

Hello, all,


With Melinda’s blessings- tomorrow’s T pace Donut Ride Around the Bay CCW, will also have a shorter distance option.


Anyone interested is welcome to meet me at the route’s first regroup, at 9.3 miles on the route, at the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge entrance, parking lot w/the outhouses. Be prepared there to ride at 10:15, (tho we will have an unpredictable wait time to join the full group, as they ride from Niles).


I will be breaking off at south Cushing Pkwy, to ride back to Don Edwards,  (via Boyce, Cherry, Central, Willow, etc). giving the full shorter route option something around 35 miles. No modified route Ride with GPS available, but we will stay together on the shortened route back to Don Edwards. (If someone who knows how to create routes in RWGPS, I would be most grateful!- just send me the link of what you create!)


Here is the link to the LONGER version: You will easily be able to envision the shorter full loop.


Either way, it will be a fun ride! Do come out.


Debbie Frederick, debbie254@...; cell 510 882-1500