PRS #10 Peninsula Hills & Shoreline


PRS Riders,

Don't forget to switch to Daylight Savings Time!

We have a spectacular Peninsula ride planned for Sunday.  But being the Peninsula, the route is complicated.  So you know what to expect and what to do if you get disconnected from the group, please read the calendar posting's text, pasted below, and take a good look at the route and cue sheet (attached).

See you Sunday.

Barry & Donna

PRS #10: Peninsula Hills & Shoreline
Sunday, March 88:30am – 3:30pm
DescriptioLength: 68.5 miles; Elevation: 4982 feet
Terrain: 4; Pace: M, M+

Meet at the base of the Dumbarton Bridge at 8:30 am for an 8:45 am start.

Think of this as three wonderful Peninsula rides in one!  That's three rides worth of complexity (with a two-sided cue sheet!), but we think you'll find it to be a spectacular ride overall.  The three rides are:
1. Belmont Hills:  After crossing the Dumbarton Bridge, we will make our way to Canada Road and ride north to the Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir.  We'll take the Ralston bike bridge over the freeway and climb Hallmark Dr and Crestview Dr, enjoying views of the reservoirs and bay.  After a LONG, STEEP descent (be careful!), we will make our way our first rest stop at Prima Deli/Summit Coffee.  Don't linger too long!
2. Los Altos Hills:  After our stop, we will climb back up the hill via Woodside Rd and go south to to enjoy a beautiful, hilly loop on Elena, Natoma, Altamont and Moody Roads.  
3. Shoreline:  Finally we will make our way to scenic Shoreline Park for a rest stop at your choice of Michael's at Shoreline by the golf course or Shoreline Lake American Bistro before heading back via nice, flat bike paths and the Dumbarton Bridge.

Please review the route it before the ride.  You will want your cue sheet and GPS route.  If you go off course, text the ride leaders and proceed to the next major regroup:  Prima Deli/Summit Coffee, Arastradero Preserve, Shoreline.  

The descents on Crestview and Altamont are very steep.  Make sure your brakes are in good, working condition, and please descend conservatively.

The cue sheet is attached to this calendar event.  Please print and bring your own copy.


Rain, significant chance of rain or poor riding condition cancels. A ride cancellation email will be sent to on the morning of the ride if it is being cancelled (no email means the ride is on). If you are unsure of the ride status, call or text a ride leader.

M: Barry Saeed, baruch.saeed@..., (510) 508-1187
M: Donna Kaplan: luporini@..., (415) 584-7621
M+ & B: Show & Go.  Experienced riders, please bring a sign-in sheet and incident reporting form.