Portola Loop CW ride - M Pace - Sat 11/16/19


We will have the Portola Loop CW ride this Saturday. Remember that the route has been changed slightly.  First, since the Willow Road/101 overpass is finished and striped with very nice bike lanes, we will not take the pedestrian bridge over 101 but will stay on Willow Rd in both directions. We will still stop at Burgess Park. Second, we will not stop at Robert’s Market on Alpine but continue on up Alpine Road past Portola Rd (stay on Alpine) to make a right on Willowbrook Dr and then take Willowbrook back to Portola Rd. Make a left onto Portola Rd and have our coffee break in Sharon Park Shopping Center at Woodside Bakery and Cafe or nearby Starbucks (both to the right of Safeway). Then return as usual to Willow Rd and over the bridge to Don Edwards Visitor center.

Meet at Sprouts parking lot in Newark at 8:30am with wheels rolling at 8:45am.

M Pace
~42 miles with ~1600 ft elevation

Please print the route sheet below for the ride.

Hope to see you there.