NOTICE - New start place for MMRR in 2020


Hello all,

Hear's to a great New Year filled with many wonderful rides with no flats or mechanical issues and definitely no crashes!

The starting location for the MMRR is changing to the Isherwood Staging Area parking lot as of this Monday, January 6, 2020 and going forward. This is due the impending demolition of the old start location, Cabrillo Shopping Center. The Isherwood Staging Area parking lot is on Isherwood Way next to the Quarry Lakes Park and Coyote Creek. Along with the parking lot being available for parking, there is additional parking available across Isherwood in the Mission Lakes development at the corner of Harrisburg Ave. and Nuttman Ln. Just a very short walk across Isherwood to the ride start. We still meet at 8:30am with wheels rolling at 8:45am.

Due to this change some modifications have been made to each of the 3 MMRR Coffee Stop routes. We have tried to keep as much of the original routes as possible with small changes to maintain total miles for the rides and to allow the group to keep the same arrival times at the regroup at the Chevron Station (corner of Paseo Padre and Stevenson) and the regroup on Paseo Padre just past Grimmer. Total mileage for each route has been kept to around 41-42 miles and all routes now go into Coyote Hills Park for a Bay Side ride around the hills and if desired a climb up Nike Hill with a final regroup at the picnic table on the Alameda Creek Trail. 

Here are the new ridewithgps routes:

Panera coffee stop:
Specialty’s coffee stop:
Tous Les Jour coffee stop:

Attached below are the new route sheets. We recommend that you print them for use until we are familiar with the minor changes to the routes.

Hope to see you on Monday for the MMRR.

MMRR ride leaders
Mike, Donna, Robin, Louis, Linda, Rob and David