[member discussion] Primavera 2023 Volunteer Sign Up

Jacques Giovanola



I will be at the locker on 4/24 probably sorting out and putting away the signs, but I am willing to give a hand for other chores.


Jacques Giovanola


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Hi FFBC'ers and guests,

We're just about a month away from the BIG DANCE!!!...  Thanks everyone for stepping up and filing empty slots.  There's a few without any volunteers that could use your help. Please consider asking your family, friends, or neighbors to help.


I've also added two more NEW SLOTS:  Monday, 4/24 locker cleanup and Sunday, 4/30 pizza party set up help.


Thank you for your support.


FFBC Primavera Committee

Colin Moy

On 02/23/2023 11:57 AM Colin Moy <moyboys@...> wrote:



Members are stepping up, we jumped from 30% to 50% of slots filled this week.  Needless to say, some slots are completely EMPTY!


As Sophie notes, we need your T-shirt size by TOMORROW, 2/24 or no later than next Tuesday, 2/28.  Any shirt size orders will be a best guess and no guarantee you'll get your size.  Volunteers also get these FREE benefits:


  • Ride the routes (with supplied rest station drinks, snacks, & SAG - assuming we get volunteers... hint, hint),
  • Swag bag, 
  • Appreciation pizza party,
  • And many more :)


FFBC membership not required to volunteer, so feel free to invite your friends (or non-friends), co-workers, neighbors, and/or family.  There's plenty of slots dates other than the Primavera event day.  Thank you.


Colin Moy

FFBC Committee

On 02/21/2023 4:43 PM Sophie Chang Saeed <telluraves@...> wrote:



I am sorry, Colin, but we don’t have 30 days for the volunteers to order their exact size. I need to get the order in next Friday at the latest. I’d prefer to send the order in this Friday but if it helps to get a more accurate number, I am willing to wait until next Friday.


I am just a little nervous because I have never personally worked with this particular printer before, even though the club has. The number of shirts I will be ordering will be based on the numbers you would provide me up to that point and will also be informed by data from past Primavera events, provided to me by Susanna. Thanks for understanding.


Sophie Chang Saeed

On Feb 21, 2023, at 2:45 PM, Colin Moy <moyboys@...> wrote:

Hi All FFBC Members,

Just adding on to Andy's earlier email today.  Please look at other slots that desperately need volunteers.  Counting down approximately:


  • 30 days to order your exact size FREE VOLUNTEER T-shirt orders
  • 60 days to the big event

Thank you for those who are working more than one slot.


Colin Moy

FFBC Committee

On 01/18/2023 10:21 AM Colin Moy <moyboys@...> wrote:



Hi FFBC Members,

It's that time of year again to show your club spirit!  The Primavera Committee has been working hard and now we need your help to put on the best rides in the East Bay or maybe the whole Bay Area or maybe California?


Sign up here for as many slots as you can and invite friends and family members.  Check out the custom design (coming soon!) for your FREE volunteer T-shirt made by our very own club designer, Sophie Chang Saeed.  Yes, she also designed the Primavera jersey and sock!


For club members only, you will receive a discount for the ride jersey (sorry not the socks).  Please check the web site for instructions. Login first, then your membership will automatically post your discount. NOTE:   ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 7.


We appreciate everyone's contribution and let's make this another successful ride event.


Colin Moy

Primavera Volunteer Coordinator