Looking for four volunteers to serve as Parking / Flag Marshals for Calaveras Time Trial, Saturday, July 13 in the morning

West Kurihara

Fellow Club members,

The Race Team is sponsoring and running an Individual Time Trial even this Saturday on Calaveras Road.  The Time trial course is 10 miles long and starts just to the South of the I680 Exit/Entrance on Calaveras.  The turn around point is about 1 mile past the Geary Road intersection.  

We have need of two additional parking marshals at Sunol School from about 7am to 9:30am.  Duties are fairly simple and low stress.  One person will stand at the parking lot entrance with a vest and flag to wave participants into the parking lot or direct them to street parking.  The 2nd person will assist and also answer any questions (where is registration?, where are the portapoties, where is the course,)

As this is a time trial, people will arrive at times spread out according to their start times and there will not be a mad rush of people.  

The 2nd place for two marshals is along Calaveras Rd at the DiSilva Quarry Entrances.  Duties there will be to look out for any gravel trucks exiting the Quarry to turn on to Calaveras and warn the driver if a cyclist is coming from either direction.  The time for this position is from 7:50am (first rider is off at 8:01 sharp) to no later than 10:30am.

If you have the time and interest in volunteering, please contact me directly.  

Thanks all, 

West Kurihara
Race Team Liason