Death ride this Saturday

heather black

The GOPHERS/FFBC will be a cheerleading team at the Death Ride this year and would love to cheer any FFBCers or their mates. 

We will be at Hermits Valley at the bottom of climb 3 with signs and would love to add your name to our posters !.

We would also like to offer to bring any clothing (fresh shorts or socks) or anything else you may require - GU, butt butter, drink mixes......if you can drop them off at either Julie Gilson's (Glenmoor) or Vanessa McDonnell's (Union City) home a couple of days before the ride in a ziplock with your name on it.

We'll have ice cold facecloths and sunscreen available !

Please email me privately if we can be of service to you or want us to cheer for you !.

Heather Black