Das Brew #6 (Fri) & Dosa Ride(Sat)

Vijai Soori

Dear freewheelers!
With the summer heat at it’s peak(hopefully cooling off later in the week), what’s a better way to wind down on Friday than with a bike ride that starts and ends at Das Brew? This Friday’s Ride starts a little earlier at 5:45 PM, is 18.6 mi,  T-M paced “No Drop” ride that will work you up enough to hopefully earn your beer calories.

And then on Saturday I think we have the very first edition of a “Dosa Ride” aka Indian savory crepes (optional towards the end). This is an opportunity for you to bring someone that doesn’t bike with a group but can benefit from the company. This is also a T,M paced No Drop ride meant to encourage people to bike. Now …does biking mix well with savory crepes at the end? I certainly think so but you should join and prove me otherwise :)

I am looking forward to seeing many of you there!