Some parts needed as a donation


Tuesday-Thank you everybody.  The only things needed are item 3, two 36 spoke aluminum box rims in 700c, silver finish. 
For those who contacted me, thank you.  I may need to take you up on your offer at a later date.  -Wynn

On Sunday the Club's Fix Your Bike Day took in a Specialized Crossroads hybrid bike as  a donation.  Attached is a picture after cleaning.  This bike will be sold or given away to a needy individual.  Parts are needed to make the bike complete.

Here is a list of what is needed.  I already put my spare parts on it.
1.  A saddle.  Not a high end saddle.  Just a good saddle for riding around in and looks good. From Ken Goldman)
2.  Pair or 700c x 32 to 700c x 35 tires.  Some used take off tires that can be sold with this bike.  A pair would be ideal. (from Steve Muramoto)
3.  Pair of wheels.  Rear wheel done for without a miracle.  Front wheel questionable.  Needed are  7-speed, or Shimano brand where I can transfer the freehub.  Aluminum, quick release.  If it can be serviced I'll take it.

FFBC's Fix Your Bike Day program thanks you.

Wynn Kageyama