Roads to Avoid

Ronald L. Mitchell

Here are three areas you should avoid using for group rides

1.  Foothill road north of Sunol.
The road at the former wash out is under construction again, and is down to one lane.  There are stop lights metering traffic so each direction can get through.  However during the week when work crews are present there may be long delays.  There was construction equipment there in Saturday and a deep trench had bee dug on the water side of the road.  This not going to be  quick fix.

2.  Crow Canyon Road, East of Alcosta Blvd.
We previewed a ride which included this section of road recently.
There is a major rebuilding of the road going on that should takes months.  There is only one traffic lane and no bike lane each way.

3. Ruby Hill
Ruby Hill is a gated community and has been refusing entry of cyclist.  You may be turned away. 

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