Pizza Rides in June

Andrew Sass

Pizza Rides are back.  June rides will start at 
Mission Pizza
1572 Washington Blvd

This week's ride is an almost all right turn ride, with lots u-turns at the end of cul-de-sac
It is also called a wheel and spoke route.  The leisurely route is a loop through the hills near Mission Pizza.  You can do as many, or as few,  "Not a Thru Street" spokes off the basic loop as you are comfortable with. If you are ahead of the group, take a few more spokes, or if you are behind, skip one.

Here is the combined route sheet

Note, three slices of pizza and unlimited sodas are still only $5 (heavily subsidized by FFBC).  Members are welcome, even if you don't ride.  If you are going to show up for Pizza, let me know, so we can order enough.

Please sign in by 5:55 so we can order the right amount of Pizza.  Roll at 6, sharp

Andy Sass