Polar water bottle lost at party

Becky Denevan

I left my Polar Ice water bottle at the party for Lori & Phil on Thursday.  It has the standard grey body with a blue top.  I loaded my bike on my car & then went back for it when the party was closing down but couldn’t find it.   If you have it, pls contact me at beckydenevan@...

Great party - thanks to all who organized it - we will surely miss Lori & Phil.  


On Apr 29, 2022, at 1:59 PM, Lori Sommer <lorimsommer@...> wrote:

Thursday Morning Coffee Riders, 

The going away riding party meant so much to me!  I was amazed so many people showed up to ride or even attend the lunch in the chilly, howling wind. Some took the day off work or came from the far reaches of the Bay Area to join in the fun.  Others let me know they were thinking of me but could not attend due to health, travel or a previous commitment.  I'm touched that some longtime former TMCR riders that I haven't seen in many, many years came to say goodbye, namely Donna Boomershine, Jorge Gildelatorre, Neil and Molly and Burcu.  I appreciate everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to attend and send Phil and me away with good wishes.

Lots of people put in considerable planning and hard work to make it happen - making a couple of versions of the route, pre-riding and leading the ride, finding a venue, ordering and picking up and paying for food, drinks and a custom cake, getting a HUGE container of hot coffee (what is a the TMCR without coffee and we really needed it yesterday for sure), collecting money, many giving up their ride to prepare for the party, ordering and hanging a beautiful bicycle pinata and filling it with fun things (a bunch of rain ponchos, a rubber duckie, some bike lube and patch kits, socks and a colorful handkerchief, dried hibiscus flowers to make tea, copies of pictures from over the years, and most memorable a printout of some of the memories submitted from riders), Bob Miller transporting camp stoves and smartly warming up tortillas along with Dan, Terri and Vanessa serving the food, and everyone cleaning up and Andy giving away Primavera bike tubes. Milinda, the guacamole worked out so well.  I saw someone walking in with the PA system but I cannot remember who it was.  A VERY BIG THANK YOU to the committee of Randy, Milinda, Ron M., Jan and Liz and everyone else that helped that I may have missed!  

So many of you told me of memories over the years riding club rides, training and riding centuries, how I was your ride leader for Cinderella Training or how I helped you when you first started riding with FFBC or how I talked you through how to fix a flat,  helped with your chain or just how you felt I supported and encouraged and made you feel a part of the group.  It warms my heart!  FFBC has been such a big part of my life since I began riding with a Cinderella group and Dixie and Shelley were my ride leaders.  I have received so much support and encouragement both as a new rider and also a ride leader for the Cinderella Training Series, the Thursday Morning Coffee Rides and the LAP/LAS Training Series. FFBC is really something special because of all of us that show up, ride, lead, help and encourage.  I have developed many, many good friendships because of FFBC.

I have had a lot of help over the years with ride leaders sharing routes or coffee stop suggestions.  Thank you to Barry for being so patient with the ride calendar!  Thanks Al Q for not complaining when I copied your routes and coffee stops! Al, I finally have a tip for you - a new french bakery, Cocoa and Butter, has opened on University and Waverly.  I have to thank Ken for all of his support too, especially after he started helping with the LAP rides and then began helping me with suggestions, routes and consistent subbing on the Coffee Rides and he also became my expert weatherman.  Many of you have substituted for me on the TMCR rides for me over the years (too many to mention) and led rides for me as a part of the LAP/LAS series and I thank you too from the bottom of my heart for your support.  The Thursday Morning Coffee rides will live on - Randy, Milinda, Ron R., the original Steve and Judy Young, Ron M., Nancy Oh, Debbie F. and Ken have all agreed to take on planning and leading rides every week. 

We've sold our home, the movers come on May 11, but our new home in Washington state won't be ready until July or August.  Until then, we will spend some time with my dad, visit Megan in Petaluma, take some trips to Seattle to monitor progress and visit Jessica, travel to SLO and Monterey, continue paddling with the Alameda DragonFlyers and riding with FFBC when I can.  Steve and Judy have offered me a bike from their stable in the future when I'm in town without a bike and I will take them up on it.  The September 3rd Tour de Fuzz still has some open spots and the party is on!

So this really isn't goodbye but more like see you later.  In fact, I'm subbing for Randy next week for the TMCR Alum Rock ride.  Come join me!


P.S. Thanks for the photos Jim and Randy.  Anyone else that took pics please share them with me via email or text. Thanks also for the many wonderful gifts I received.  I will send you a personal thank you via snail mail.