Primavera Workers' Ride


All the Primavera Workers' Rides are a GO!  Thank you to the ride leaders who stepped up.  And thanks to all those who signed up to SAG and serve as rest stop captains.  And, of course, many thanks to Andy for organizing and buying all the snacks.

The rides will have these paces:
  • Full Century (100 mile):  M-, M, M+, B, F/F+
  • 90 Mile:  M, B
  • Metric Century (100K):  T, M, B
  • Fun Ride:  L, T
To ride, you must be a Primavera volunteer:  See your ride's FFBC calendar event for details, suggestions and guidelines.

Winds may be a concern for the 100 mile, 90 mile and Fun Rides.  For the 100 and 90 mile rides, winds in Livermore are forecast be WSW and rise to the mid-teens with gusts in the mid-20s by mid to late afternoon, so don't linger at regroups and rest stops.  For the Fun Ride, winds are forecast be westerly rising to double-digits.  If you move things along on the way to Coyote Hills, you could have a nice tailwind on the Alameda Creek Trail.

Be safe.  Enjoy the ride!