Worker's Ride expanded menu to include PB&J plus contacts for route feedback

Andrew Sass

The club will be providing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the rest stops, along with water, GU Brew (powered form and mix to taste), fruit, other drinks, cookies, bars, trail mix, and (only at Ed Levin in the afternoon) ice cream treats.  If you want some other food, or have special dietary needs, please bring a bag with what you want, labeled with your name, and the stop you want it to go to.  For the Worker's Ride, there will be no food at Ed Levin in the morning, but the bathrooms are available.  Also, there is no water stop at the false summit.  Beard Staging and the Niles Water Stop are not included for the worker's Fun Ride.

However, there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Part of the reason the worker's ride is run before the Primavera is to check out the road conditions, the route markings, the route sheets and the Ride With GPS directions.  Volunteers have been hard at work today marking the course, and want some feedback.  If you see an arrow in the wrong place, or don't see an arrow when you need one, email David Harcos at:   


For any comments on the route directions, let Donna know at 


Thank you all for volunteering.  We are pretty well set, though it would be nice to have a couple more people for registration, and a few more for Ed Levin in the afternoon

Andy Sass