8 speed Road bike Shifter

Karanbir Dhillon

My son Gurveer who is 11 started Road & Track Racing this year and had a blast along with me learning with him and doing the USAC NCNCA Officiating in the Bike races. He has done few of the FFBC rides along with me and the great group encouraging along with TNT.

He got a used Road Bike and with Juniors they need to have proper junior gearing 😞 a challenge. Unfortunately his Rear Shifter Ultegra 8 speed is not shifting properly it just goes in one direction, and the bike shop unable to fix it. If you happen to have a 8 speed shifter like Ultegra/105 could you please let me know. Its a hard time getting this part.

One option for me is to get a 11 speed shifter, derauiler, etc for him but that means I need to upgrade his rear wheel too as current one does not take a 11 speed cassette.

USA Cycling most likely is taking away the Junior Gearing restrictions for the next year.

Need to get him ready for his next year of racing.

He is 5 ft tall now so might even look for a road bike for him challenge is he is growing fast, and asking me Dad can I get another bike Gravel Bike etc.