One month to thePrimavera - Time to Volunteer

Andrew Sass

Thanks for the response for those of you have already volunteered.  Some people have signed up for two, or even three, spots.

There are still 126 slots available, roughly 1/3 of the positions.  The club has 400 plus members, so now is the time to do your duty.  This is the only event that brings in money for the club.

Looking at the sign in page, the positions at the top of the page are all filled, but there is a great need towards the bottom.  Please consider helping at the Ed Levin rest stop and being a SAG driver.  As it is not cheap to drive around half the day, we are offering gas reimbursement, up to $60.  Registration in the morning also has openings.  That would allow you to work two shifts!

Remember, besides a stylish t-shirt and rest stop food, or food truck food (two shift volunteers), plus a good bag with bike related items, you get to ride the Worker's Ride with the same 25-mile, 100k, 90-mile, and 100-mile routes with rest stops and SAG support the week before the actual Primavera

Here is the volunteer link

Have a magical day

Andy Sass
2022 Primavera Chair