March Ride Calendar


Thanks February ride leaders!  

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered for the Primavera!  It'a a fun event and the main source of funding for FFBC.  If you haven't signed up, the Primavera still needs volunteers.  There are several options and days to choose from so hopefully you can find something that fits your interest and schedule.  And you don't have to be a FFBC member to volunteer; family and friends are welcome.  Anyone who volunteers, including family and friends, is eligible to participate in one of the workers rides on April 3.  

Here's the link:

Our March ride calendar is in good shape.  Please note two important changes:
  1. Ride leaders should no longer to carry the old incident reporting form.  We recommend that you carry a new incident reporting form to collect information that you will enter online after you get back from the ride.  All this information is on the FFBC website under Rides/Ride Leader Resource Guide.
  2. The COVID disclaimer is no longer on each calendar event but, instead, is on the calendar page.  In other words, our policy remains the same:  follow state and county guidelines.  Ride leaders may still require or suggest vaccinations.  Our current sign-in sheet also covers infectious diseases.