Sunday, 2/20 PRS #9 Calaveras Adventures M/M+

Donna Luporini Kaplan

Join us on Sunday for our next challenging PRS ride. We'll warm up with short climbs in Fremont and to the Dog Park at Ed Levin County Park. We'll then climb Calaveras Rd and Felter Rd to the summit at Sierra Vista Park. We'll turn around and ride back, with detours onto Marsh Rd, The Wall, and  Sandy Wool Lake. We'll stop for a well-deserved break at Starbucks/Noah's in Milpitas. Our coffee break is at mile 42.6, so bring plenty of water and snacks. Don't expect cell phone service for long stretches. (Bring two tubes just in case!) At the moment, the weather looks mild, cold at the start and getting up to about 66.

Meet at 8:30 am for an 8:45 am start. 

Length: 59.4 miles; Elevation: 4210 feet


NOTE FOR WEEKEND RIDES: Riders arriving by car are asked to park in the unpaved parking area south of the train station between I and J Streets.


RideWithGPS URL:

Cue sheet is attached. (Please print your own copy.)


Your ride leaders…

M: Donna Kaplan, luporini@..., (415) 584-7621

M: Don Fujino: fujino1@..., (510) 301-2395

M: Louis Friedenberg: louispf@..., (510) 673-3203

M: Steven Muramoto:  smur210@..., (510) 565-2771


M+: Jay Gilson, jaymgilson@..., 510-468-0285

M+: Dale Wolford, dalewolford@..., 510-388-3984