FW: [public info] Supporting Primavera Sponsors- B Riders

Raymond Nieh

Hi B riders:

Not sure when is the next time that the B ride will be starting from Sunol, how about if we gather at Bosco’s Bone and Brew, which is right where we meet at the start of the ride, and have a social snack/lunch there.  The Impossible Burger sounds good.  For those who are interested, please email me.  Have to admit that I never noticed this place after so many times parking on Main street.






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A good portion of the success of the Primavera is our sponsors.  


This year we have a new sponsor.  Bosco's Bones and Brew in Sunol will be providing fresh baked cookies and mini roasted potatoes to the rest stop at Sunol Glen School.  So, next time you are in Sunol, stop by Bosco's and have a bite to eat or something to drink and say thanks for supporting us. 


Andy Sass