10/02 Saturday Ride Livermore & Livermore and More Ride

paul marty

Livermore & Livermore and More
WhenSat, 2 October, 07:45 – 13:00
WhereBernal Community Park, 7001 Pleasanton Ave, Pleasanton, CA 94566, USA (map)
Length: 38.7 miles; Elevation: 1168 feet;
Terrain: 3 Pace: T,M
RidewithGPS URL: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37488204
Max number of Riders allowed: 20
 Paul Marty 510-378-0708
 Louis Friendenberg 510-673-3203

DescriptionLivermore and More
Length: 51.3 miles; Elevation: 1,889 feet
Terrain: 3 Pace: M
RidewithGPS URL: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36214592

Max number of Riders allowed: 20
Joyce Tanaka 510-703-2675
Olivia Krielbl 510-387-1168

Come join us for one of our favorite rides through the Livermore Vineyards.  Please meet at Bernal Community Park by the restrooms at 7:45 for a roll at 8:00.  
We will have a shorter T & M ride and a longer M ride start together and take the same route to our coffee stop at Starbucks.
The riders will have the option of going back to the start or continuing on the longer route.
From Bernal Community Park we will head toward First Street to Vineyard and then enter the Old Vineyard Bike Trail on our way to a Bathroom break at Sycamore Grove Park.
We will continue into Holdener Park to Tesla to and then regroup before we climb up Cross Road to another regroup. We will turn left on Patterson Pass Road and Left on Altamont Pass Road
to Herman and to Starbucks. After our coffee break; riders will either turn left on North Livermore Ave. and return to the start or turn right and continuing on the longer route.

Please print out Cuesheet or download Ride With GPS file.

Rain, significant chance of rain or poor riding condition cancels. A ride cancellation email will be posted to "https://ffbc.groups.io/g/info/topics" on the morning of the ride
if it is being cancelled (no email means the ride is on). If you are unsure of the ride status, call or text ride leader on the morning of the ride.
Note ride end time is a rough estimate.

Riders must follow California and County mask and distancing guidelines (https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/guidance-for-face-coverings.aspx).
Ride leaders are not responsible for enforcing these guidelines. It is incumbent on riders to follow these guidelines to keep our cycling community safe.