Primavera Workers' Ride: Ride Leaders, Workers & SAGs Needed


Even though the Primavera's status is uncertain, we are still planning to go ahead with the workers' rides on April 11.  To participate, you still need to sign up to volunteer for the Primavera at Primavera – Volunteers.  

We still need a volunteer for the Muirwood rest stop and two more SAGs.  You may sign up for these critical roles at 
Primavera – Volunteers.
We need several ride leaders!  

  • 25 Mile Fun Ride: L & T paces
  • 100K: M, B & F paces (and an M- pace if someone is interested)
  • 85M: M, B & F paces
  • 100M: M+, B, & F paces (Donna and I cover the M pace)

Please contact me directly at baruch.saeed@... if you are willing to be a ride leader.  Let me know which distance and pace, and provide your preferred mobile number and email for the calendar.