PRS #1

Terri Yi


Tomorrow is the kick-off of PRS series with a ride out to Collier Canyon.  We will be leading an ‘M’ pace ride.  Faster riders are welcome to form a separate group with a separate sign-in sheet. 

Please be reminded to check your bike and print/download route from FFBC ride calendar before the ride  No printed route sheets are available at the start.  The coffee break is at mile 27.2 at Starbucks on Vineyard.

This is a no-drop ride and participants are expected to be sufficient in handling minor mechanical issues, e.g. flat tire, chain drop.  Signal or call out for road hazards, passing, stopping, and slowing.  If you decide to leave the ride before finish, please make sure you communicate with the ride leader(s).

Be safe and have fun!

Ride Leaders

Terri Yi (510) 304-5571
Vanessa McDonnell (510) 517-1466
Tony Flusche (510) 828-3051