moderated Group Riding Etiquette

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Group Riding Etiquette

A FFBC member expressed that some riders on club rides are forgetting to point out road hazards and/or creating hazardous riding conditions.  The following is a recent e-mail sent out by the Western Wheelers Bicycle Club to the membership.  The FFBC member and I believe that our members will find the information in the e-mail helpful as well.  Feel free to send me any comments.  
Ride Safe!
Dennis Dong
Ride Coordinator

The text of the Western Wheelers Bicycle Club e-mail:  

Hello Everybody!

The season is in full swing, and there are lots of rides going.     Group riding is a shared safety exercise - There is safety and speed in numbers.

Riding in a group is also a responsibility - the riders behind you have a harder time seeing road debris and obstacles.    Club rides often bunch up at intersections or coming into re-groups.  There are a few simple things you can do to keep the whole group safe:

Point out obstacles in the roadway.  As you go around the obstacle, point at it and call it out - "Hole!"

Avoid sudden braking.   When you are at the front of a group, or even in the middle, the riders rely upon your consistent pace and steady line to be safe.   Quick changes in speed lead to crashes.  If you must brake, call out "Braking" to warn other riders.

When riding behind other cyclists who may not be paying attention to rules one and two, choose a bike position such that you can see the roadway ahead of them and be prepared for the unexpected.

These rules apply to all rides!   As cyclists, we tend to focus on the road ahead.  On club rides, there are other people around and you can be the lead rider at any moment.