Starting January 2020, you have your choice of three ride series:  CCRS, LAS and PRS!  Overviews are below.  The CCRS and PRS rides are already on the calendar to help you decide.


The overviews use FFBC's pace definitions:

T      10-13 mph

M     13-16 mph

M+   14-17 mph

B      16-19 mph


We look forward to seeing you on one of these great series!



What used to be the Cinderella Coaching Ride Series for women is now the CCRS and open to all club members.  The CCRS starts January 18 and ends March 21, one week before the Cinderella Classic. 


This is the perfect, no-drop series for T and M pace riders who want to improve their cycling and group-riding skills while building the strength and endurance sufficient to complete a full metric century (100K, or 62 miles).



New this year:  The Less Aggressive Series (LAS)!  LAS replaces the Less Aggressive Progressive (LAP) but is led by the same organizers.  Rides will have a similar format with more fun!  LAS will have approximately two rides per month with some climbing (though less than the PRS) on some of the most beautiful routes in the area.


This is the perfect, no-drop series for T and M pace riders who already have been riding regularly and want to do some fun, beautiful routes while strengthening their conditioning. 



The Progressive Ride Series (PRS) is designed for M pace riders to get in condition to do the Primavera Workers’ Ride full century (100 miles) by riding some of the most stunning routes in the area.  The PRS starts January 5 with shorter and flatter rides and gradually builds up to the full-century Primavera Worker’s Ride on April 11.  


This is the perfect, no-drop series for experienced M pace riders who already have a base level of conditioning to build upon.  (The first ride will be 43 miles with 1700’ of climbing).  All participants should also be experienced riding in groups and self-sufficient when it comes to changing flats and bringing enough food and water.


The PRS also features an M+ pace that is usually a show-and-go and well-attended.  Ride leaders “volunteer” at the start of the ride.  If enough riders show up, a B pace cohort may also form.  Experienced riders, please bring sign-in sheets and accident reporting forms so everyone may receive credit for their rides.