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Fremont Freewheelers
Welcome ------- Welcome to the information group of the Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club. We are a local, non-profit bicycle club in Fremont, California that organizes various rides in the San Francisco Bay area, especially the East Bay. This is the general information group for the FFBC bicycle club. On this group, you'll find up-to-the-minute news regarding the activities of the club. Some useful links: Ride Calendar ( ) This group is open to the public and contains information that is useful to club members as well as people in the community interested in riding with the club. Only public information that is pertinent to the community at large should be posted in this group. Examples include: * short-notice rides * ride cancelations * information regarding club meetings Other subgroups are available for other types of communication within the club. These groups are private. See the Subgroups section for the other groups that are available.
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  • Topics of Discussion for FFBC Members
    This is discussion newsgroup within FFBC. Use this forum to * Get cycling advice from other members of the club * Discuss what the best <insert the thing here> and why. This group is only available to members of FFBC. To post ride changes or cancelations, or short-notice rides, post to the list. To post items for sale, use the group
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  • ffbc | forsale
    Use the list to buy and sell bicycle or other related items. This group is available to FFBC members only.
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  • ffbc | offers
    This group is the place to post offers for paid rides or other bicycle-related things. It's probably a good idea to get updates to this subgroup in digest form.
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