Note about parking lot at Don Edwards

Vinnie Bacon

Haven’t posted here before but figure this is noteworthy. I just got in a pretty nasty accident today. Got a concussion and am in the hospital. Good news is a CAT scan showed nothing and I’m feeling better.

For those who cross the Dumbarton eastward and go towards Fremont you may go to the left when exiting and see the wire fence. There’s one small opening you can use to get onto Thornton.

I came upon the opening, or at least what I think was the opening, and there was the wire fence. I ran right into it at a good clip.

Anyway, be careful if you know about the opening I’m talking about. It may be closed now. I didn’t see it unti what must have been ten feet away.


El sep. 9, 2019, a la(s) 15:22, Lori Sommer <lorimsommer@...> escribió:

Hey, want to do the Fuzz for almost free? John Dickens won’t be able to use his ticket for the Fuzz this Saturday as he is still recovering from his accident a few weeks back. He wants to give it away to anyone willing to buy coffee sometime for the Thursday Morning Coffee Riders. I’ve included John on this email so please contact him. You’ll have to make the transfer with the Fuzz.


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