Final Das Brew ride this Friday August 30th

Joyce <notes4cindy2010@...>

Hi Freewheelers,

Friday is the 4th and final Das Brew ride of the Summer. This week we’ll be doing the Animal Hills Backwards. You don’t have to ride your bike backwards just the usual Animals are reversed. Think Cougar, Boar, Antelope then Stanford. Lots of left turns very much reverse from Vanessa right-turns ride last week.  
The route sheet is attached to this email and the link to the RideWithGPS is below. Please print out a copy of the route sheet, I will only bring a couple for non-members. 
Beer after the ride is, as always, optional. Food trucks may or may not be there after the ride...If you think you might be hungry afterwards please bring something to share.

Joyce Tanaka 510-793-2675

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