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Correction on John’ cell #:
(510) 364-1797
I spoke with John today - his accident was Aug 5 and he expects to be at Rossmoor another 4 weeks.
He’s in a neck brace so his voice is rather gravelly - I told him it made him sound more distinguished.
Give him a call or a visit - he’ll tell you about the accident and I know he’ll be glad to hear from his FFBC friends.

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Our friend and fellow club member, John Dickens, was involved in a serious accident. I’ve been told he fractured three vertebrae and also his scull, but doesn’t have a concussion. I don’t have all the details but he is currently in:

Generations Walnut Creek.
1224 Rossmoor Parkway.
Room 105.

Cards and email (j_m_dickens@...) are welcome as well as visits (afternoon or evening is best). His cell number is (510) 324-1050.

Lori Sommer

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