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I'm not aware of a formal ride, but my wife and I saw what was an unmistakably organized ride pack heading down Paseo towards the bridge about an hour ago. During our block or so of walking before we turned, we probably saw 60-80 cyclists go by - possibly more. Mixed frame types (mostly road, but some mountain), no matching jerseys, what appeared to be a SAG motorcycle with them, and another vehicle trailing with flashers on. There had been a small group out ahead of the main pack a bit, and my guess is that they were riding the same route/event. If it was a club of that size, we would have seen some matching jerseys, but we did not.

I'm assuming, for now, that there is an event we just don't know about and the closure is related to that.

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I looked at Caltrans website and didn’t see anything. I’ll be coming back across it on Monday evening. I hope the ‘11’ they refer to is 11 am. :)


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I saw it too. I think it said 8-17 and 8-18.

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I went over the bridge today and there is a sign. It's a regular A
frame with a piece of paper saying something to the effect of "the
bike trail over the bridge will be closed on 08.17, 06:00-11:00".


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