Western Wheelers' Sequoia - Spaces still available...


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                 Sunday, June 2nd


The Western Wheelers Bicycle Club is proud to offer you:  Over 100 miles of bucolic, low-traffic roads with breathtaking ridge-top vistas including Page Mill and West Alpine Rd, our stellar on-route support including the  famous La Honda Rest Stop, shaded winding routes through deep redwood canopies down to Pescadero and up along Tunitas Creek, crashing waves above windswept beaches out on Highway One, multiple challenging climbs to test your resolve and descents to test your nerve, and the truly rewarding satisfaction of being handed an ice cold chocolate milk as you cross the finish line!  This is what many people are calling cycling perfection!

There are strict rider limits, so pick your route and grab your spot now!

Yea, this is challenging … are you up for it?

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