Thanks/SUBs - Thursday Morning Coffee Rides

Lori Sommer

Good Afternoon,

Rob led us on an early morning fun hunt and we stopped at 5 Energizer Rides, rolled with the dignitaries of Fremont and relaxed over coffee at Suju's at the end.  Thanks, Rob!

Next Thursday (11/16)  Ron Mitchell will lead the ride from Sprouts and will develop one of his characteristic routes which will include at least one bike path, I'm sure.  

The following Thursday (11/23) Morning Coffee Ride will be led by David Critchfield from Sunol.

I JUST changed the FFBC Ride Calendar for the May 30th.  I apologize to those of you that printed your May calendar (Walt).  It is the 5th Thursday so we will do something we haven't done in over a year - we will be climbing Norris then Bollinger and then heading to Zachary's for lunch.  We'd better get in before it gets too hot. 

I appreciate Ron and David stepping up to lead while I'm away.  

Lori Sommer

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