Re: Shimano SPD MTB Pedals

Pat <patwai500@...>

Hi Dave,

I be interested in one or two sets of cleats and pedals. I was going to go out and buy a new set and have been struggling a bit with my pedals. 

I’m in Japan until May 20. If they’re still available, I can get them when I return. 

Pat Wai

On May 8, 2019, at 04:49, David Ransom <dchiefransom@...> wrote:

Now that the recumbents are gone, I've gone to platform pedals. I have 3 sets of Shimano SPD PD-M520 pedals that need a new home, for free. Two sets are brand new and one is very low mileage. I also have three sets of new shoe cleats for these pedals. One set is unidirectional release, and the other two are multi-directional release.

Dave Ransom

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