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I echo your remarks, but not in respect to this year’s event.  I signed up for the century last year and also got lost due to issues similar to what you just described.  I had signed up for the century and found myself on the metric course because of lack of early enough markings at a couple of crucial splits, and I was surrounded by a few other riders who were also lost and confused.  Nevertheless, I acknowledge that marking a course as complex as this must be extremely challenging.


I think that if the corrections you recommend are implemented before the event, the rides will go much smoother this year, for everyone involved.






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I have the following comments:

1. The green arrow on Sunol that splits the 100 miles and 100 metric appears to be lacking and late. 

2.  The left turn on Hopyard onto Los Positas should be located closer to the lane change instead of at the right side and needed more and sooner. 

3.  Maybe more earlier notice at Flynn before the sharp right hand turn. 

4.  dido Roberto's comment and we almost missed that same turn as well until we located the right turn arrow at the very last moment.  



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Andy, Dennis, and all the folks who made three Workers' ride such a great event,

Tim, Scott, and I missed the orange arrows at the end of Vineyard to turn right and instead went left towards "the barn" on our way back through Livermore and completely missed stopping at the last stop (Muir Park?). Besides that all the markings were great.


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