Re: Clarification: Short Notice Rides


Robin - Thanks for bringing up this issue. I'd second Dale's comment that perhaps a rule change is in order. Finding clear days to ride during our recent wet weather has been a challenge. Also, while I note that Pedal Pounder credit may be given when a "Cinderella Training Ride" is rescheduled due to inclement weather and  "changed to Sunday", there is no such language that pertains to PRS or LAP rides, and 2 of the LAP rides (on Sundays) that have been rained out have been been rescheduled for the following mondays. Sounds like those LAP rides as well would not qualify for Pedal Pounder credit. The Pedal Pounder policy was last revised in 2011. Might be time to look at it again.

On Sat, Mar 9, 2019 at 9:37 AM Dale Blanchard <dale-b@...> wrote:
Sounds like we might need a rule change. 


On Mar 9, 2019, at 09:27, ROBIN OHARA <PedalPounders1868@...> wrote:

I have noticed a number of Short Notice rides being posted in recent days - probably because we are all trying to sneak in a ride between all the days of wet, rainy weather. I want to clarify the definition of a Short Notice ride as it relates to Pedal Pounder credit. Short Notice rides need to be posted three days in advance of the ride.

The definition and rules around Short Notice rides are outlined on the FFBC website under Rides/Ride Leader Planning & Forms/Pedal Pounder Policy.  It states:

Short notice rides: Club members may propose new rides by sending an email to the FFBC_List at least three days in advance. Such rides are known as “Short notice” rides. Short notice rides also include additions of pace options to existing rides, provided the member originally listing the ride approves. Short notice rides will receive Pedal Pounder credit for miles ridden, number of rides, and ride leader credit.   

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