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Vanessa McDonnell

I will send out the RideWithGPS links for the Workers ride in the next day or two.

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On Mar 31, 2018, at 1:37 PM, Andrew Sass via Groups.Io <andrew.sass@...> wrote:

As a thank you to our volunteers, the rest stops will be fully stocked.  Dennis's email implied you had to bring a lunch.  You can do that if   you have special dietary needs.

There will be two manned rest stops.  One at Sunol, and one at Rios Lovell Estate Winery.  The 100 mile route will go up Palomares from Niles Canyon, then over Dublin grade and down Foothill to Sunol.  It is about the same milage and elevation as getting to Sunol via Calaveras.  After that, riders will follow the Primavera Route with stops at the winery before and after Altamont.  The 85 mile route is the same as the 100 mile route, just skipping Altamont.

Most likely, the 100K will go up Niles Canyon to Sunol, then follow the 85 mile route, with one stop at Rios Lovell.

So, we need 2 rest stop volunteers, and a couple of SAG volunteers, as well as ride leaders

It would be wonderful if someone would also volunteer for rest stop on the Fun Ride at Coyote Hills.

Rest stop and SAG volunteers, feel free total me with any questions

Andy Sass

On Saturday, March 31, 2018, 10:05:29 AM PDT, Dennis Dong <ronincopp@...> wrote:

Happy Easter!  Latest update for the calendar is that I still need ride leaders for:

1)  4/28/18: Calaveras CCW

1)  4/8/18: PRS #13 (Sierra & Calaveras)

MOST IMPORTANTLY - SUNDAY 4/15/18 : Primavera Workers' Ride 
1)  Century Route: since Calaveras Rd will not be open for the workers' ride, a route will be coming asap.  I need ride leaders for the M, B, & F pace riders, a volunteer (Rest Stop Captain) to take riders' lunches to the designated rest stop and a SAG.
2)  85 mile route: the route should be similar to the century route so a volunteer will take your lunches to the same designated rest stop.  I still need ride leaders for the M, B, & F pace riders.
3)  Metric Century route:  The route has yet to be determined and will be coming asap.  I need ride leaders for the M & B pace riders and a SAG to take the riders' lunches to the designated lunch stop.  
4)  Fun Ride:  I need a ride leader for this ride

Please let me know if you can step up and be a ride leader, SAG or Rest Stop Captain.

Thanks and ride safe!

Dennis Dong

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