Moderated Cinderella Coaching & Conditioning Series 2019 - under new management!

Julia Walker

Please welcome and thank Tonya Godinez for taking over the coordination and leading of the Cinderella Series for 2019! We have a lot of experienced ride leaders joining the series this year, who haven't helped with Cinderella in a couple of years. Please join them for fun and adventure! I want to thank all the ride leaders who helped over the past four years that I was the coordinator, we could not put this series on without a lot of help!

This year the series starts with a coaching "ride". Margaret and Donna will give some brief pointers to new-ish riders, followed by a short coaching ride. Please join this ride if you would like to be more comfortable riding in a group, or if you aren't sure you are ready to do the series. Then we start the conditioning series with a short ride to Mission Coffee. Margaret and Donna will lead the group, and will be riding with the coaching ladies. There will be several ride leaders for this ride, so everyone should feel comfortable joining in. The conditioning series then continues as normal.

If you know anyone who would be interested in the "mini" coaching series - please spread the word!

All rides have been posted to the ride calendar with the exception of ride #7. This is Calaveras, which is still not open. We will post that ride shortly, but it is subject to change.

Hope to see you on the road!

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