Moderated Voler clothing order open to FFBC club members, Web Ordering Portal deadline extended to Thursday, Nov 15 (Midnight)

West Kurihara

Hello FFBC members,

This is just an update.  The Race Team's Voler web ordering window with Voler has been extended through November 15.  If you have any interest in ordering any of the items from this Team Fremont custom catalog, you can still do so.  Several club members have done so already.  

The actual Jersey design is now shown on the website and the very similiar 2018 design is shown here:

Undergarments and base layers are generally generic in design.

West Kurihara
Race Team Liason
Team Fremont Clothing Coordinator

Hello FFBC members,

For 2019 I am inviting any interested club members who would like to order custom Team Fremont clothing from Voler. This year I am opening the entire catalog of items which consist of Road, MTB, and Tri clothing with accessories and base layers. All clothing is from the Voler Custom catalog that is specially for teams and clubs. The road lineup has four price/quality/performance levels starting with the Club, Peloton, Pro and Velocity.  Most outerwear uses the Team Fremont design and sponsor logos but a few items are generic such as the crystal rain jacket and knee warmers. Base layers are also generic. 

All clothing is custom made to your desire as Voler provides a wide variety of choices, materials and cuts (fit levels). At the fit party scheduled on Monday night, the Voler reps bring the entire clothing line in most sizes for people to try on for sizing. 

The race team orders a large quantity and club members can take advantage of the volume pricing that we receive for custom clothing.

If you are curious or interested, please stop by on Monday. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Below are all the detailed info and links.

-West Kurihara
Race Team Liason
Team Fremont Clothing Coordinator 

Just a Reminder of the Voler fit Party on Monday at the Team meeting location.  The Voler Reps will have the complete 2019 clothing collection in all sizes for fitting and should be able to answer any questions.  There are some new items and minor changes to the FS Pro lineup and Velocity line up.  Sizing basically remains the same.  Pricing is basically the same, but I think our price will be slightly higher this season because I don't think we will hit the 200+ item ordering threshold, I have asked that our portal reflect the 100-199 item pricing schedule.  If we end up in this quantity range, the pricing will be correct.  If we exceed, the pricing will be slightly lower and you will all receive a credit for the difference on your credit cards.  It is highly unlikely that we will be end up below 100 items but if that did occur, the actual pricing would end up slightly higher in the end.  

As we did last year, I had Voler include the Road, TriAthlon, and MTB clothing line up and accessories.  As you move from Classic-->Peloton-->Pro-->Velocity the fit gets tighter and the materials more breathable/stretchy, but slightly less durable.   Peloton and Pro jerseys are available in Race or Club fits.

The Voler Team Fremont Portal is now open.  Everyone who had and account can log in.  If you are new, you will need to register.  Please remember to ALWAYS access the portal with this link:

And click on "Begin Ordering".  

The 2019 design will be added to the graphics on the Website as soon as it is finalized.  If you have any design questions, you can direct them to Keith.

If you have any ordering questions, please ask.  Otherwise I will see you all on Monday night.


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