moderated 2019 Voler Ordering Process Summary

West Kurihara

Hello everyone,

Voler Team Fremont Store link:

Monday night, our Voler reps brought out all the sizing samples for the 2019 clothing line up and spent time presenting the differences and answering our questions.  We had plenty of time for people to try on samples for fitting.  With all the lines and ordering options available such Race vs Club fit, I think they have sizing solutions to accommodate most body styles to your satisfaction.

The Team Store is currently open for orders and closes at the end of day, Monday, Nov 12 for the first order.  The total quantity of items in this first order will fix our pricing for the rest of 2019.

Everyone who places an individual order must establish an account if you do not currently have one.  You will have three shipping options, 

1.  Ship to home address via UPS ground
2. Ship to coordinator
3. Ship to home address via US Postal Service

If you are only ordering a few items, the ship to coordinator option is usually the least expensive.  USPS is the next most economical option but is not insured.  UPS ground is the most expensive option but is insured.  You can simply play with the choices to see the cost of each.

If you choose the "ship to Coordinator" option, I will happily receive you items and arrange for time for pickup.

If you have general questions on fit, materials or ordering options, you can ask our Voler Reps directly:

Linda or John Elgart
Representing Voler Apparel 
"Still made in the USA"
916-595-2553 Linda
916-595-2551 John
And of course general questions or issues I may also be able to answer or get answers.

A few club members asked me about the design as they have not seen the Team Fremont Kit.  The design is show here from our facebook page:

Questions?  Please ask.


West Kurihara
Race Team Liason
Team Clothing coordinator

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