moderated 2018 Donation to Palomares School....

Jay Gilson

During the process of getting the necessary permits for the 2019 Primavera, I had a discussion with the EBRPD park supervisor for the Alameda Creek Trail.  It turns out he is the treasurer for the Palomares school booster committee and he wanted to talk about the donation that FFBC made.  The upshot is the boosters were very appreciative of the unsolicited donation FFBC made to the school.  From the ensuing conversation I believe that a great deal of goodwill was generated by making a donation.  

I commend Andy Sass for thinking of this approach.  I also think that as a bicycle club, whatever we can do to be considerate when ride Palomares (whether riding single file, not gathering by the guard rail at the summit and not littering), it is in our best interest.  

Kudos to the club!

Jay Gilson

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