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Lori Sommer

You’re welcome!  

We are glad you and Bob started and finished the series.  You can work on the middle portion next year- jk. 


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Thank you Lori, Cindy and Ken for a great celebration ride yesterday!  And thank you Dave E for patiently waiting for a couple of us that would have missed a critical turn on the way back.  

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A new addition to the calendar.  Please join us!

TITLE: Surprise!  2018 LAP Celebration, Beer & Food Ride!


DATE:  3/18/18

TIME: 9:30AM

START:   Parking lot at the end of Marshlands Rd, at the base of the Dumbarton Bridge (Fremont side).

Just when you were wondering what you were going to do with your Sundays, now that the last LAP ride is over…  Surprise! We are holding a 2018 LAP Celebration Ride, complete with a beer and food stop! Please join us, whether or not you rode any of the LAP rides this year.   Our route will take us up to the Redwood City Cross and then back down again to the best part of the ride: beer and food!  We will stop at the Marsh Manor Center, at Marsh & Florence, in Menlo Park, where we can indulge at Freewheel Brewing, Starbucks, and a wide variety of yummy cuisines, sweets and ice cream at the local stores.

IMPORTANT note, we will start the ride later at 9:30am and we will meet at the BASE of the Dumbarton Bridge, so we don’t have to ride the dreaded Marshlands Rd.  There is plenty of parking at this location but no convenient bathroom.  Please use the facilities at Don Edwards before you park by the bridge. As usual, we will have options for a shortcut or two if you want to reduce mileage or skip the climb.    See the route here:  We will maintain a Touring through Moderate pace (10 to 16 mph). No drops and regroups as needed. Extreme weather or construction may modify the route and rain cancels. Check the FFBC message board or email or call us.

Cindy Maxwell maxwell.c@... 408-506-6860

Lori Sommer lorimsommer@... 510-693-8624

Ken Goldman  ken.goldman@...  (510) 791-1095 (H) 510-378-5027

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