moderated FOR SALE - 2" KUAT NV

Lori Sommer


I'm selling my used, grey and orange, 2" hitch attached Kuat NV rack that is about 4-5 years old.   It carries two bikes, has the work stand on top, an integrated locking system and can be extended to carry four bikes (if you buy the second rack).  It has been well used so it has a few dings in the powder coat.  As lots of you know, I LOVE that Kuat bike rack.  I love it so much I bought a new one, a Sherpa 2.0, that is 21lbs lighter since I will be transferring the rack between two cars.    

Kuat has great customer service.  In fact, I chatted online to complain that the cam system seemed to be loosening up occasionally in the hitch (it also has an additional locking pin so there was never a chance it would fall off) and they just sent me replacement parts for the cam system as well as two new racket arms all for free, no paperwork involved.  About a month ago they sent me a new front wheel scoop, also free!  

I think I paid about $500 for it.  Make me a reasonable offer (offline please or text) and it is yours.  I'd love for it to go to someone in the club!  

Lori Sommer

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