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West Kurihara

Hello, FFBC members.  It seems that not everyone is using the subgroups on this email list so I am sending this to the general info list.  So far, there are only 6 people subscribing to the list.  If you want to take advantage of the subgroups that have been created, forsale, offers, discussion, you can sign up for these specific groups at:

If we don't take advantage of these subgroups, then everyone will simple send all messages to the broader info group and we will all simply get a lot of messages we aren't interested in reading....

Anyhow, enough with the public service part of the message....

I am selling an E-Bike that I purchased about 9 months ago.  It has probably less than 200 miles and is like new complete with a fender kit.  It's a perfect city commuter bike complete with integrated lights, fenders and a rugged and reliable rear motor drive.  The bike has an integrated cellular modem with bluetooth communications with a Flashbike phone app, which reports GPS position, battery state, etc, much like a Tesla App for tesla vehicles.  Being a MTB type layout with flat bars, the bike can fit people from between about 5'4" to 6'2".

Battery range is from 24 to 60 miles per charge depending upon power setting and terrain and rider effort.

Info and Specs here: 

I am asking for $1000 or best reasonable offer.  Please contact me at my personal email:

West Kurihara

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