moderated Route - Thursday Morning Coffee Ride

Lori Sommer


Sorry for the late notice!  

We will be doing the Old Page Mill - Arastradero - Alpine loop with coffee at Prolific Oven in Palo Alto.  I've attached the route sheet as requested.  There are options to reduce mileage and climbing. The first option is to park out at the end of Marshlands Road and meet us as we cross the Dumbarton Bridge.  The second is to turn left on Stanford and skip the climbing. 

Cindy probably won't be able to join us after all as she has some pressing business to take care of.  Jules (the other Julie) and I presented her with her photo book with pictures from from lots of ride and sentiments that people sent in.  Thanks so much to everyone.  She really liked it.

I hope to see you tomorrow.  


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