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I'm also told the album link didn't work.
Try this one:


On Mon, Sep 26, 2022 at 5:43 PM qnzaaron via <> wrote:
Hey Picnic Riders,

I uploaded some ride pics to an album here:

There are some pictures at the end of the ride that look like there's a vintage filter on it. It's not. I messed up my camera settings and those shots came out poorly. My bad.  
loki gif.gif

Previous ride pics can be found on the Club Photo History page here:

On Fri, Sep 23, 2022 at 8:27 PM Barry <baruch.saeed@...> wrote:
This Sunday's FFBC Picnic rides are all set!  The rides all start near Aqua Adventures and tour some of the lovely hills of Fremont.  All club members and guests, not just FFBC picnic attendees*, are welcome to ride.

You have your choice of four great rides:  
  • L,T, The Fun Ride
  • T,M-, kinda like a shorter version of a TMCR ride
  • M, like a Tuesday Hills ride with a little less climbing
  • B, even more climbing and faster than the M ride
More details are on the ride calendar, including ride leader info and RWGPS links to the routes.  Cue sheets are attached to this message.  (If you print double sided and cut down the middle, you'll have two of them.)  For more on what L, T, M-, M and B mean, check out our ride classifications.

Towards the end of your ride, if you're ahead of schedule and need to kill some time, or if you want a snack and have not RSVP'd that you're going to the picnic, there's a Starbucks and other eateries on Las Palmas Ave just after you cross Mission Blvd.  Make a U-turn after crossing Mission to enter the plaza.  You can always go to another place, but please let your ride leader know.

*Afterward, members and guests of members who have RSVP'd are welcome at the picnic. Due to limited space and food, we won't be able to accommodate anyone else.

See you Sunday.



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