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Dennis Dong <ronincopp@...>

Morning members!  

There is a correction to my original email in the August Ride Calendar regarding the Wednesday night Pizza rides.  There WILL BE Wednesday Pizza rides in August with the exception of the 5th Wednesday, August 29th (no pizza ride).  Tim and Robin will be leading the rides.  

Instead of pizza, it will be Burritos at Chipotle in Newark.  Check the ride calendar for details. 


On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 8:48 PM, Dennis Dong <ronincopp@...> wrote:
Greetings FFBC Members!  It's that time again for the next month's ride calendar. 
Changes in the August calendar to note: 
     1)  For the month of August, the Das Brew Rides are scheduled for Friday with the exception of August 31st.  This is the 5th Friday of the month and there will be NO DAS BREW RIDE on the 31st.  
     2)  At this time, there will be NO WEDNESDAY Pizza Rides scheduled.  They will resume next year June 2019.
     3)  The pace of Saturday Tour de Fremont Hills Ride (August 11th) has been changed to "M +" to include the faster riders that like this ride.  Contact the ride leader if you have any questions.  

I need ride leaders for the following scheduled rides:
     1)  August 25th, Saturday : Calaveras CCW
     2)  August 26th, Sunday : Women's Social Ride
If you can lead any of these rides, please let me know.  

Ride Leaders, please review the calendar and let me know if any corrections or changes need to be made.  Thanks.

Ride safe, 
Dennis Dong
Ride Coordinator

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