Re: Change in time for Pizza Rides

Diana Tashjian

I wish Mission Pizza had more outdoor seating


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Mission Pizza closes at 8 (lack of workers), so we will move the roll times up to 5:30 PM and Pizza time up to 7:00.


This week's ride will be retro night, so get out your oldest jersey and maybe that old bike.  The routes are flat (300 ft of elevation), with various lengths (9 to 25 miles).  The most exposed roads will be with the wind.  Plus three slices of pizza and unlimited sodas.  What could be better.


If you are not riding, but just showing up for Pizza, let be know ahead of time.


Route sheet attached and link to Ride with GPS is :



Andy Sass



Note that the following two Fridays will also start at 5:30, and the last week in June, Mission Pizza will be closed.  Maybe a Das Brew ride?

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