One registration available for this Sunday's Strawberry Fields Forever ride in Watsonville: $45

Wendy Wilson

I have 1 registration left for the Strawberry Fields ride on Sunday, available at $45 (selling at $75 today). The ride route is great and the weather forecast is 73 degrees, mostly sunny with light winds. 

The rest stops are legendary: there's a rest stop at the Calfee bike factory where you can see bamboo bikes while you're sipping your cappuccino or otherwise fancy coffee drink. There's another rest stop at Gizdich Ranch for their homemade pie, then chocolate covered strawberries with whipped cream at rides end. A food lovers ride!

Transferring the name on the registration is easy and you're covered by their umbrella insurance. You can text me at the # below for any questions!

Hubby Don Fujino and I will be at the ride, this registration was for my niece who was supposed to join us for the ride in 2020. Sadly her bike got stolen in the meantime!

Wendy Wilson
Phone: 510-512-2231

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