Re: Thanks to the Primavera Volunteers

Betsy Borruso

Great time at Ed Levin rest stop!
Thanks to Julia & Liz for all their work & leadership!
Betsy Borruso

. "Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own."

- Charles Dickens

On Apr 11, 2022, at 20:12, Joe Banchero <huck-162@...> wrote:

Thank you Andy, great job.

On Apr 11, 2022, at 7:14 PM, Jan Leimert <jleimert@...> wrote:

And thank you, Andy, for your seemingly tireless effort and terrific leadership for the Pimavera!  It wouldn’t be the same without you!


On Apr 11, 2022, at 5:25 PM, Andrew Sass via <andrew.sass@...> wrote:

I have received feedback from many of the riders,, and one almost universal comments was what kind/helpful/cheerful/wonderful/numerous/caring/friendly/knowledgeable volunteers we had.  The ride would not have been a success without your efforts.  Thank you all for stepping up and covering two, or three shifts. 

Other than 3 paper cuts (one requiring a band-aid), there was only one injury.  That gentleman did finish the ride, checked in, and had a meal before getting checked out at the ER.  I did not hear of anyone getting lost, which was a testament to the route marking, signage, and course marshals.  And no one went home hungry, including the couple that rolled in after 6, with smiles on their faces and a meal waiting for them.  It takes a lot of effort to feed a thousand people.

For many, it was their first century ride.  They were elated.  

The only complaint I heard was about the wind for the last portion, and no one blamed FFBC.  We should all be grateful that today's weather did arrive a day early.  We were lucky with the weather and lucky to have such fine people supporting the ride.

Thank you

Andy Sass
2022 Primavera Chair

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