Re: PRS #8 Peninsula Hills

Jay Gilson

Our esteemed ride leader for Sunday's  M+ group (Steve Snyder) and I were talking and we are looking forward to the route.  The weather looks to be beautiful but it will be a longer day in the saddle and with the Super Bowl starting at 3:30 we were hoping to minimize the time spent waiting for food to be prepared. As such we are planning on bringing extra bars and likely a PPJ sandwich. We will be stopping at each designated rest stop. 

See you Sunday

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Jay Gilson

On Thu, Feb 10, 2022 at 4:29 PM Barry <baruch.saeed@...> wrote:
M/M+ PRS Riders,

The cue sheet generated from RWGPS incorrectly reflected an old route.  It is fixed so you can generate it online, or you can just use the one that's attached to this message.

The weather should be great:  partly cloudy, single-digit winds, high of 78.


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